Introduction to HTML and CSS

Welcome to the page of CNIT-131H Class!

This class cannot substitute CNIT-131 if you are pursuing the AS Degree! It will ONLY substitute CNIT-131 for certificates in mobile and/or web dev offered by CNIT Department.

You will find here the basic information about this class.

This is a short-term and online class which means you really need to pay attention to the schedule and the important dates as they are quite different for short-term classes.

You will be receiving an email with more details about this class 1-2 weeks before it starts - you should check your Web 4 account to verify which email address has been set as preferred by City College. Once you login, you should select Personal Information and then View E-mail Address(es) to check which email has been marked as the preferred as this will be the email that instructors and all staff will be using to communicate with you.

If you are not sure you are ready for an online class, visit the Department of Online Learning of City College Website where you can even take a short survey to evaluate if you are ready to succeed in an online learning environment.

All the material for the class will be found at Canvas - at All students officially registered in the course, will be able to access this website since the first class but you will need to claim your RAM ID to use it as your password to access Canvas.

The files that will be used during the class can be found in this zipped folder.

The book to follow up the class can be acquired from - Introduction to HTML & CSS by Claudia Da Silva - ISBN: 978-1-311-88219-6. You will be able to download the book in different digital formats.

Students should access the course and participate in the first forum during the first week of the class, otherwise they will be in risk of being dropped!

Expectations for online students:

  • Read the material provided.
  • Participate in the discussion forums often.
  • Exercise thinking skills.
  • Ask for help in the discussion forums when you need it.
  • Submit work on or before the deadline.
  • Recognize that you are more responsible for your learning in an online class than in a face-to-face class.
  • Help each other whenever possible.
  • Respond to discussions thoughtfully and thoroughly.
  • Be present in the course.
  • Don’t wait until the end of the unit to check in! Online learning requires you to check the course almost every day. Check to see what is going on and don't wait to do everything on the last day!

You will be using the Hills server to upload your assignments (web pages). More instructions on how to access the Hills Server will be given in Insight during the classes; but you can also take a look at this document (CNIT Students' Accesses) and refer to the part related to Hills Server.

Course Description:

This is a beginning course in the use of HTML and CSS. It will prepare students to build simple web pages using basic HTML and CSS. Students will also learn how to use FTP client software to upload the web page files to a web server.

Material Used:

  • FTP Software - There are different free client FTP software that you can download and install such as SmartFTP, WS FTP etc. You will use this software to transfer some of your work to your Hills account (Hills Server at City College). I recommend using Filezilla as it works in Windows, Macs and Linux computers.
  • You need to have a web browser installed, it will be better, for testing your pages, to have 2 different browsers, preferably IE (Internet Explorer), and/or Firefox, and/or Chrome.
  • cover book CNIT 131H course Smashwords Book (REQUIRED): Introduction to HTML & CSS
    Author: Claudia Da Silva
    Found ISBN: 978-1-311-88219-6
    Price: US$ 3.00.