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I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where I got my Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering-Computer Science.

I have been working in the Information Technology area since 1985 when I started as a Programmer but since the end of 2007 I have dedicated my time to teaching.

I have worked as a System Analyst, as a Business Analyst and as a Project Manager in many different computer projects and I have had the opportunity to work with mainframe computers as well as client-server technology. During this long journey I was responsible for designing, developing, implementing and maintaining mainframe computer systems, client-server systems and websites.

I have worked as a Help Desk Technician and then Help Desk Manager in one of the biggest companies in Brazil.

Since 1996, I have been working in differet Web Development projects that started with static intranet web pages up to the use of server-side technologies for websites for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

In 2005 I got my Master Degree in Adult Education-Distance Learning and started to apply my technical skills in order to design and/or develop e-learning opportunities. Since then I have been able to enhance my classes using learning environment systems that allow the students to "keep in touch" with the class even when it's not possible to be physically in the classroom.

Professional activities I have been involved into:

In Summer 2013, my proposal for a seminar was accepted at MPICT that was held in Garden Grove, CA in the beginning of June. The main objective was to share with other instructors the ideas and materials I had been using for the CNIT 133M course (Mobile Web Development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript). The title of the seminar was HTML5, CSS3, JS in the Mobile World.

I am married with 2 "kids" (meaning adults) and since Feb/2016 I became a grandma. I love reading, hiking, biking, going to the movies, doing some exercise every day, traveling and watching good soccer and futsal matches.

I generally move away from computers during weekends so I can give attention to my personal life, family, and friends. During those moments, I like to walk, listen to good music, watch movies, watch some soccer or futsal game, and, whenever I can, enjoy the grandkids I have.