Advanced HTML and CSS

Welcome to the page of CNIT-132A Class!

You will find here the basic information about this class.

This is a 1-unit course online and will start later in the semester - the first day will be on 04/10/17 (the last 6 weeks of the semester). There is no face-to-face meeting.

All the material for this class will be found in the Learning Management System of the college - Canvas - at Canvas Website. All students officially registered in the course, will be able to access this website since the first class.

If you are officially registered for this course, you will be receiving an email 1 week before classes start. The email will be sent to the City College email address ( and you should access that email frequently as any communication from the college goes to that email address. You can check your college email account at Web 4 account in the CCSF mail option.

There is NO required material for this class!

You need to have a very good knowledge of HTML and CSS (according to W3C standards) and you also need to know how to upload your files to a web server using FTP software.

You will be using the Hills server to upload your assignments but if you have access to another server, that will be fine too. Here is some general information on how to set up your Hills account - Read the Hills Server Part (pdf document). More instructions on how to access the Hills Server will be given in Canvas when the class opens.

Expectations for online students:

  • Read the material provided.
  • Participate in the discussion forums often.
  • Exercise thinking skills.
  • Ask for help in the discussion forums when you need it.
  • Submit work on or before the deadline.
  • Recognize that you are more responsible for your learning in an online class than in a face-to-face class.
  • Help each other whenever possible.
  • Respond to discussions thoughtfully and thoroughly.
  • Be present in the course.
  • Don’t wait until the end of the unit to check in! Online learning requires you to check the course almost every day. Check to see what is going on and don't wait to do everything on the last day!

The syllabus will be available in Canvas