JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery

Welcome to the page of CNIT-133 Class!

You will find here the basic information about this class.

This is an online class that will use the Canvas - - environment to meet. It's NOT a self-paced class and students are required to log in every week for attendance/participation and assignments.

All the material for this class will be found at the Canvas website - at All students officially registered in the course, will be able to access this website since the first class.

Students officially registered in this class will be receiving an email, with initial instructions, via the CCSF e-mail ( - check your email account at Web 4 account - you will see a link to the CCSF email!

Students should "show up" (enter the Canvas course and participate in the initial forum) on the first week of class, otherwise they will be in risk of being dropped!

Expectations for online students:

  • Apply yourself using the materials provided.
  • Participate in the discussion boards often.
  • Exercise thinking skills.
  • Ask for help in the discussion forums when you need it.
  • Submit work on or before the deadline.
  • Recognize that you are more responsible for your learning in an online class than in a face-to-face class.
  • Help each other whenever possible.
  • Respond to discussions thoughtfully and thoroughly.
  • Be present in the course.
  • Don’t wait until the end of the unit to check in! Online learning requires you to check the course almost every day. Check to see what is going on and don't wait to do everything on the last day!

Course Description:

Advise: CNIT-132
Creation of interactive Web pages using JavaScript, including properties, methods, objects, and event handlers of the Document Object Model. Creation of interactive Web pages using AJAX technologies.

Material Used:

  • Access to the internet and comfortable use of the browser.
  • There are no required books - you will find a list of books as reference only for you