Mobile Web w/ HTML, CSS & JS

Welcome to the page of CNIT-133M Class!

You will find here the basic information about this class.

This is an online class that will happen by using the Canvas website. Participation will be checked via the forums you will find in that website.

A very good knowledge of HTML, CSS (according to W3C Standards) and basic knowledge of JavaScript are required to succeed in this class. You will NOT be learning these topics in this class, you will practice how to use these items to develop web apps and also to design and code (or adapt) websites for mobile devices.

All the material for this class will be found at Canvas website - at All students officially registered in the course, will be able to access this website since the first class.

If you are officially registered for this course, you will be receiving an email one week before classes start. The email will be sent to the email address that has been set up as preferred by City College - you should check your Web 4 account to verify which is the email address set up as preferred for you. After you login, click on Personal Information and then View E-mail Address(es).

Students officially registered in this class should login in Insight and participate in the forum that will be shown in the Insight website. Students that do not participate in this forum risk being dropped from the class.

Below, you will find the optional material for this class. All books are optional and more books and/or websites might be recommended during the sessions.

You will also be using the Hills server to upload your assignments. More instructions on how to access the Hills Server will be given on the first sessions of the class and also in the first email you will receive.

Course Description:

Highly Advised: CNIT-132, CNIT-133
Conversion of desktop websites and an introduction to building web applications for smart phones and mobile devices with intermediate HTML and JavaScript. Includes jQuery and intermediate CSS for controlling the appearance of mobile device websites and introduction of some development platforms.

Material Used:

  • Your computer with access to the Internet and WWW preferably using Chrome browser.
  • FTP Software - There are different free client FTP software that you can download and install such as SmartFTP, WS FTP, Fugu, etc. You will use this software to transfer your pages to your Hills account. (Hills Server at City College). I prefer Filezilla as it works in Windows, Macs and Linux computers presenting the same interface.
  • We will be using some online mobile devices emulators.
  • Books (OPTIONAL) - just a few of the many books available for this topic:
    • Building Cross-Platform Mobile & Web Apps for Engineers and Scientists
      Pawan Lingras w/ Matt Triff and Ruch Lingras
      Publisher: Cengage Learning - ISBN: 9781305105966
    • Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices
      Earle Castledine; Myles Eftos; Max Wheeler
      Publisher: Sitepoint - ISBN: 9780987090843
    • HTML5 Mobile Websites
      Matthew David
      Publisher: Focal Press - ISBN: 9780240818139
    • Head First Mobile Web
      Lyza Danger Gardner; Jason Grigsby
      Publisher: O'Reilly - ISBN: 9781449302665
    • Programming the Mobile Web
      Maximiliano Firtman
      Publisher: Focal Press - ISBN: 9781449334970

Expectations for online students:

  • Read the material provided.
  • Participate in the discussion forums often.
  • Exercise thinking skills.
  • Ask for help in the discussion forums when you need it.
  • Submit work on or before the deadline.
  • Recognize that you are more responsible for your learning in an online class than in a face-to-face class.
  • Help each other whenever possible.
  • Respond to discussions thoughtfully and thoroughly.
  • Be present in the course.
  • Don’t wait until the end of the unit to check in! Online learning requires you to check the course almost every day. Check to see what is going on and don't wait to do everything on the last day!