Server-side Technology - ASP.NET

Welcome to the page of CNIT-134 Class!

You will find here the basic information about this class.

This is an online class and no meetings are scheduled in any of the City College campuses. If you are not sure you are ready for an online class, visit the Department of Online Learning of City College Website where you can even take a short survey to evaluate if you are ready to succeed in an online learning environment.

To follow this class you will need to have:

  • For the first 8 weeks of the class, you will need access to a computer with Windows Operating System installed because you will be installing Visual Studio software to follow the class. If you have a Mac, you can install a Virtual Machine in your Mac (or activate the BootCamp) and then install the Windows Operating System and then install Visual Studio or you can use a cloud service such as AWS - more instructions will be sent in the first email and also found in the first week of the class
  • The material (lecture) will be all provided in the online class system

If you want to communicate with me, before classes start, you should write an email to or

After the class starts, the officially registered students will have access to the Canvas Website. This website is the place where you will find the schedule, syllabus and all activities related to the course. That's also where students will submit their work.

If you are officially registered in this course, you will receive an email from me 1 week before the classes start. The email address I will be using will be the one that City College has provided for every student ( - you can check information about your college email account at the Web 4 Website in the CCSF mail option. This is the email address used by the college for any communication with you!

You need to pay close attention to your email as important information will be send to you for the first week of class! If you do not login during the first week and Introduce yourself in the forum in Canvas, you might be dropped from the class!

Expectations for online students:

  • Read the material provided.
  • Participate in the discussion forums often.
  • Exercise thinking skills.
  • Ask for help in the discussion forums when you need it.
  • Submit work on or before the deadline.
  • Recognize that you are more responsible for your learning in an online class than in a face-to-face class.
  • Help each other whenever possible.
  • Respond to discussions thoughtfully and thoroughly.
  • Be present in the course.
  • Don’t wait until the end of the unit to check in! Online learning requires you to check the course almost every day. Check to see what is going on and don't wait to do everything on the last day!

Material Used:

  • A computer with access to the internet
  • You need to have a web browser installed - Visual Studio will call automatically the IE (Internet Explorer) browser but to access Canvas you can use another browser.
  • You will need to be able to download files and make installations in your computer

The syllabus will be available in Canvas